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Portal Project

Project Definition : Implement a portal to enhance teaching, collaboration, communication, and services for students, faculty and staff

Project Objectives :

  • Create a single point of entry for access to Datatel and other web based applications used by the district and colleges.
  • Improve the reliability and timeliness of communications with students.
  • Eliminate ISP's spamming complaints.
  • Send out fewer emails through Datatel.
  • Support a single sign-on environment for faculty and staff to access district services.

Project Description : Evaluate and select a portal that works with the district's Datatel ERP system. Define district requirements for staff, faculty and students and implement the selected portal based on input from constituency groups.

Project Sponsors :

  • Victoria Hindes, VP of Student Services, West Valley College
  • Penny Johnson, VP of Student Services, Mission College

Timeline :

  • Portal software must be purchased by June 30, 2010: Completed
  • Portal steering committee defined in Enrollment Technology subgroup - Feb 19:  Completed
  • Portal Sponsors defined :  Penny Johnson and Victoria Hindes: Completed
  • Student, Faculty and Staff myWebServices logins recreated : August 2010 : Completed
  • Test portal installed : August 2010 : Completed
  • Expand district resources (such as ISSA and AD) to enable offsite logins to portal : September 2010 : waiting for Budget
  • Portal kickoff meeting :  September 2010
  • Production servers installed : October 2010 : Completed
  • Datatel Mobile App : Initial instance installed after production portal is installed.
  • First phase of portal released : Spring 2011

Project Benefits : Enhanced services and communication through integrated access to information needed by students, faculty and staff.

Project Scope :

  • Install the selected portal (Datatel Portal)
  • Implement access to Datatel WebUI through Portal
  • Implement single Sign-on to linked applications where supported.
  • Integrate internal communication with students through portal.
  • Install custom landing web part pages for student, faculty and staff constituencies.
  • Ensure compliance with current branding for district and each college.

Deliverables : A functional Datatel portal running in a production environment with an initially agreed upon set of constituencies, web parts (functionality) and links.

Project Assumptions :

  • Branding will be separate for WV and MC student  pages.
  • Web parts will be common for a given constutency (i.e. Students) across the two colleges.
  • Team sites will be administered by a designated site owner

Project Issues : 

  • Define Constituencies 
  • Define boundaries between distance learning and course team sites.
  • Do we want to enable department teamsites? Define boundaries with colleges. 
  • Define username format for single sign-on (LDAP).  Complete
  • How will LDAP for faculty and staff integrate with existing active directory?: 
  • Populate faculty and staff emails inside Datatel. 
  • Set up GMAIL API's for student portal emailbox creation.
  • Ongoing Project Question document 

Current Status :

  • Datatel Portal has been purchased.
  • Defining requirements
  • Victoria Hindes and Penny Johnson have been identified as Project Owners.
  • Test Portal instance installed week of August 9, 2010 : Complete August 2010
  • Portal demos for MC Executive Staff, MC and WV Instructional Offices, MC and WV Tech Depts : Complete August 2010
  • Student Messaging subgroup created and initial meeting  to document system requirements.  Complete Sept 13, 2010
  • Taxonomy and Governance Groups defined, training is being arranged.   September 15, 2010
  • Production Portal software installation scheduled - October 12 - 14, 2010  : Complete Oct 14, 2010
  • Portal Taxonomy and Governance Groups training November 2-4, 2010

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Status Date : Monday, November 1, 2010