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Payroll Issues

The Payroll Department works closely with the Human Resources Department to resolve issues with pay. For matters relating to an incorrect paycheck, the employee should contact the appropriate Payroll Technician. If the problem cannot be resolved the matter will be referred to the Payroll Supervisor. If you are attempting to establish pay for a new employee or a new assignment, please contact Human Resources directly.

Final Pay, Resignation, Termination, Retirement or Death

Contact Human Resources immediately for instructions. All terminations must be reviewed with Human Resources prior to the actual termination date in order to assure timely distribution of final pay.

W-2 Form Issuance

Each year W-2 Forms are mailed to the employee's home address by January 31st. Any request to reissue W2 Forms should be submitted in writing or via email to your payroll staff contact person. Click here Reissue W-2 request for request form.


Academic Timesheet: Certificated Hourly Timesheet

Overtime Classified:  Compensatory Overtime Request & Timesheet

Hourly Classified: Hourly Timesheet

Special Note:

Payroll Department cannot advise or consult employees regarding tax shelter options, withholding exemptions, or allowances. Please see your personal accountant or tax specialist for advice.