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Campus Community Emergency Response Team  (C-CERT) members are staff, faculty and students.

They've attended twenty hours of classroom and hands-on training that included:

  • Using a fire extinguisher, turning off gas/water/electricity
  • Basic first aid, triage and setting up treatment areas
  • Assessing buildings to determine possible structural damage and other hazards
  • Search & Rescue of missing or trapped people


When campus disasters occur, C-CERT members, wearing lime green vests and dark green hard hats, will be seen at evacuation sites and patrolling the campus using their skills to help others.

C-CERT needs YOU!  Check the Training Calendar link for upcoming free classes.

CERT is a Federally approved program taught across the United States.  The skills you learn will allow you to help yourself, your home, your neighborhood and your campus safely respond to emergencies. Link to National CERT Website