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Project Progress Report  Mission College  


Project Status:

  • All 2008 and 2009 FPPs rolled forward into 2010-11 fiscal year funding cycle, including this project. Changes to the project will be reflected in the enxt re-baseline and detailed in the next Project Progress Report
  • Per State Chancellor's Office recommendation project scope split into 2 phases:
    • Phase I: Building 1-E(Locally Funded)
    • Phase II Building 1-D and Facility Building (50% State 50% Locally Funded)

Completed This Period 

  • Meeting completed with the State Chancellor's Office to review WVMCCD's Five Year Construction Plan, and all IPPs and FPPs
  • Per recommdation by State Chancellor's Office Phase II FPP was resubmitted for 2010 approval and funding

Activity Planned for Next Period

  • Address changes to the budget and schedule at the next scheduled re-baseline
  • State Chancellor's Office review of Final Project Proposal (FPP) and College/District responses to any of the comments.
Schedule Summary

IPP Submittal:07/2007 

FPP Submittal:07/2008 

Preliminary Plans:07/2010 

Working Drawings:07/2011 

DSA Submittal:02/2012 

DSA Approval:08/2012 


Award of Bid:01/2013 

Begin Construction:02/2013 

End Construction:01/2015 

DSA Closeout:04/2015 

Budget Summary

Funding Source

Measure H$60,778,221 

State Funds 

Project Budget$60,778,221 



Budget Balance$60,778,221 

Construction Budget$45,478,716 

Bid Awards 

Executed C/Os 

Construction Balance$45,478,716