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Project Progress Report  District  


Project Status:

  • Scope of work includes installation of new augmented CAT 6 cabling for voice and data stations
  • Board of Trustees approval of contract September 4, 2008
  • Construction started and finished in September

Completed This Period 

  • Board approval of contractor
  • Start of construction
  • End of construction

Activity Planned for Next Period

  • Project closeout
Schedule Summary

IPP Submittal: 

FPP Submittal: 

Preliminary Plans: 

Working Drawings: 

DSA Submittal: 

DSA Approval: 


Award of Bid:09/2008 

Begin Construction:09/2010 

End Construction:09/2011 

DSA Closeout:12/2011 

Budget Summary

Funding Source

Measure H7116828 

State Funds 

Project Budget$7,116,828 



Budget Balance$2,704,070 

Construction Budget$1,709,952 

Bid Awards$836,335 

Executed C/Os$13,420 

Construction Balance$873,617