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Commonly Used WVMCCD Acronyms

 3CDUG                   California Datatel User Group
 4CS                        California Community College Classified Senates
 A&R                       Admissions & Records
 ABOC                      Audit and Budget Oversight Committee
 ACCCA                    Association of California Community Colleges Administrators
 ACCJC                   Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
 ACE                         Association of College Educators (bargaining unit)
 ADA                       Average Daily Attendance
 ANGEL                    On-line Course Management System
 ASB                        Associated Student Body
 ASC                        Administrative Services Council
 BACCD JPA          Bay Area Community College District Joint Powers Authority (property and liability)
 BAMS                     Budget Allocation Model Subcommittee
 BEOG                      Basic Educational Opportunity Grant (also Pell Grant)
 BOG                       Board of Governors
 BOGG                     Board of Governors Grant
 BoT                         Board of Trustees
 CACC                      California Association of Community Colleges
 CACCRAO               California Association of Community College Records and Admissions Officers
 CalSACC                California Student Association of Community Colleges
 CalWorks                California Opportunities & Responsibility to Kids Program
 CAN                       "California Articulation Number (postsecondary course numbering system for CCC, CSU & UC)"
 CAPI                       California Association of Part-time Instructors
 CARE                     Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education
 CB                           Collective Bargaining
 CBAC                      College Budget Advisory Committee (Mission College)
 CBO                        Chief Business Officer
 CBOC                     Citizens Bond Oversight Committee (Prop 39 Bond)
 CCCSC                    California Community College Software Consortium
 CCCT                      California Community Colleges Trustees
 CCLC                     Community College League of California
 CDC                       Child Development Center
 CDV                        Child Development
 CENIC                    "UC, CSU and Community College Network"
 CEO                       Chief Executive Officer
 CIO                        Chief Instructional Officer
 CISOA                    Chief Information System Officer's Associations
 CMS                       Content Management System
 COCCC                   Chancellor's Office of California Community Colleges
 COE                        County Office of Education
 COGNOS                Business Intelligence Tool
 COLA                      Cost of Living Adjustment
 COPS                      Certificates of Participation
 CPI                         Consumer Price Index
 CR                           Credit
 CSSO                      Chief Student Services Officer
 CTA                         California Teachers Association
 CWEE                      Cooperative Work Experience Education
 DATATEL               "Integrated Enterprise System (HR, Finance, Student)"
 DBAC                     District Budget Advisory Committee
 DESP                     Disability and Educational Support Program
 DISPAC                  District Information Systems Planning and Advisory Committee
 DSP&S                   Disabled Students Programs & Services
 DUG                       Datatel Users Group
 E&FMP                 Educational and Facilities Master Plan
 EMT                       Executive Management Team
 EOPS                     Extended Opportunity Program and Services
 ESL                       English as a Second Language
 ETS                        Educational Testing Service
 FACCC                Faculty Association of California Community Colleges
 FASFA                    Free Application for Federal Student Aid Program
 FAT                         Financial Aid Transcript
 FCMAT                    Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team
 FERPA                    Family Education Right and Privacy Act
 FTE                        Full-time Equivalent
 FTEF                       Full-time Equivalent Faculty
 FTES                      Full-time Equivalent Students
 FWS                       Federal Work Study
 GAP                       Governance and Planning Committee (Mission College)
 HBA                      Hours-by-Arrangement
 HM                         Hospitality Manangement
 HVAC                    Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
 IPEDS                    Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System
 IRC                        Instructional Resource Center
 JPA                       Joint Powers Authority
 LAIF                     Local Agency Investment Fund
 LAND CORP        Mission-West Valley Land Corporation
 LDA                      Leadership Development Academy
 LRC                       Learning Resource Center
 M&C                    Meet & Confer
 M&O                    Maintenance & Operations
 MCS                      Microcomputer Support
 MESA                   "Math, Engineering, Science Achievement"
 MIS                       Management Information System
 NC                        No credit
 NCCCP JPA          Northern California Community Colleges Pool Joint Powers Authority (Workers' Compensation)
 NIMS                     National Incident Management System
 NSLC                     National Student Loan Clearing House
 NSLDS                 National Student Loan Data System
 OIC                        Operation and Infrastructure Committee
 OPEB                     Other Post Employment Benefits
 PARIS                    Planning and Research Infrastructure System
 PERS                     Public Employees Retirement System
 PFE                       Partnership for Excellence
 PIO                       Public Information Officer
 PO                          Purchase Order
 POA                      Police Officers' Association
 PR                         Purchase Request
 PRTF                      Program Review Task Force
 RFP                        Request for Proposal
 S&FMP                  Services and Facilities Master Plan
 SAFERS                 Student Aid Financial Evaluation and Recordkeeping System
 SEIU                       Service Employees International Union
 SELF                      Schools Excess Liability Fund
 SEMS                    Standardized Emergency Management System
 SEOG                    Supplementary Education Opportunity Grant
 SLO                        Student Learning Outcome
 STRS                      State Teachers Retirement System
 SWACC                  Statewide Association of Community Colleges
 TANF                    Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
 TOP                       Taxonomy of Programs (classification of disciplines and programs)
 TRAN                   Tax Revenue Anticipation Note
 TTIP                       Telecommunications Technology Infrastructure Project
 VATEA                    Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act
 VTD                       "Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co, LLP (District auditors)"
 WSCH                   Weekly Student Contact Hours