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Classification and Compensation Study

The Classification and Compensation Study has been completed and implemented. Thank you to everyone for your participation in this process.

Overview of Study

The District has embarked on a comprehensive classification and compensation study. Human Resources recognizes that this is a major endeavor for everyone involved, but believe it is vitally important to the well-being of our District.

Classification and compensation studies are very common in the public sector. These studies allow for an institution-wide analysis of job descriptions, helping us ensure that our job descriptions accurately reflect the duties, knowledge, abilities, education, experience and any certifications or licenses required to perform the duties. In addition, the compensation study collects salary and benefit data to ensure that we remain competitive with neighboring agencies.

This classification study will include all regular, non-faculty staff positions. The compensation study will include all regular staff and faculty.

The classification and compensation study will be advised by a Study Committee, made up of representatives of the bargaining units and employee associations. You can find its membership included below.

This study is a labor and time-intensive process. We will be working with the Study Committee as a sounding board, a point of input and feedback, and an integral component of the transparency of our work. The process of the study will cover the next 9-12 months. Human Resources will provide updates to all users throughout the process, in addition to working with the Study Committee on a more regular basis.

This project is an important component of the District’s efforts to appropriately classify and compensate its various positions, and our success depends on the quality of data on which the study is based.